I just found the Spam filter here and found those comments that WordPress wasn’t sure about.  They were hilarious.  Some of them thought I spoke Russian, some a version of […]

Actually, it’s not so much avoiding the computer as it is avoiding what I should be doing — which is writing. I’m in a quandary — I know I need to […]

I think I’ve just figured out how to push this to Facebook. 0

This is a test. I’m involved in testing something in hopes of helping one of my jobs and I’m wondering whether a Blog will broadcast to subscribers without the subscribers […]

I’m always up for trying new computer techniques: this post is generated by an E-mail to my Blog. If you see this, it worked!

Re-doing the Blog

I looked at this site and realized that I haven’t updated anything in years, one of the links is bad, and I didn’t like my subtitle anymore. So here’s the […]