I’ve been in a writing funk for a while now.  I’ll start to write something, then think, well, I should go to bed, or Hey! NCIS is on! or Hey! […]

Blog Hop!

One of the nicest men in the business, Aaron Rosenberg, tagged me for this Blog Hop! I am not worthy, oh master of the business, but here goes! #1 What am […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about high school lately.  Not that I want to go back to high school — heaven forbid — I like learning, I didn’t like the bullying, the […]

Me and My Style....

I’m hoping to be in a show — and the theme is high school.  They encourage everybody to dress like they did in high school….           […]

I hereby resolve that I will write in this blog once a week at the very least; daily at the most.  I can do this; I’ve successfully written 50,000 words […]

Not that anyway looks at this Blog, but… Okay — I’m finally on the computer and remembering to post these coupons at the same time. (Obligatory promotion!) Three stories have […]